1. yunique medical feel younger

    How Yunique Medical Can Make You Feel Younger

    Yunique Medical offers multiple anti-aging therapies that have real results fast. Continue reading to learn which treatment option is best for you. 1. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy at Yunique Medical is administered through pellets. These natural…Read More

  2. iv-therapy-ocala

    IV Therapy New at Yunique Medical!

    IVRx—premium IV therapy medicine—is more than just a cure for hangovers. This cutting-edge treatment has multiple benefits that positively impact the whole being and promote an overall sense of well-being. Continue reading to learn more about the power of IV therapy. IV Therapies Improve Symptom…Read More

  3. valentine-day-special

    Valentine’s Day Special

    A Valentine’s Day special that will get you feeling your best. At Yunique Medical—a Top Rated® Medical Clinic in Florida—your well-being is of the utmost importance. We strategically coordinate treatment plans for our patients to reach optimal wellness—you will feel unstoppable. Our top tre…Read More

  4. Testosterone Replacement In Women

    In our last blog, we covered the benefits of estrogen replacement in women, but when and where does testosterone replacement fit in for women? In our clinic, we use bioidentical hormone therapy for declining estrogen and testosterone levels in women, so find out how testosterone can help and what si…Read More

  5. Is Estradiol Hormone Replacement the Fountain of Youth for Women?

    Aging is associated with decreased sex hormone production in both men and women. In women, this impacts the loss of the sex hormone estradiol, which can lead to decreased bone density and muscle mass, in addition to overall physical functions. Research in the last decade has concluded, that balanced…Read More