At Yunique Medical Services, we’re proud to offer testosterone therapy for both men and women. But, before we talk about its benefits, we need to understand what testosterone is, does, and why it matters.

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone that’s found in high levels in men, and in lesser levels in women. Among other duties, this hormone regulates sexual development and libido, deepens the voice, boosts muscle mass, and helps to produce red blood cells. For the majority of men, testosterone production will peak in their 20s and as they age,  it will decrease by 10 percent per decade after they reach their 30s.

As testosterone levels decrease, men will potentially experience a number of symptoms. They include: irritability, weight loss, depression, loss of libido, reduced energy levels, and decreased strength and muscle mass. This hormone is important for women as well, and the reduction of testosterone levels can be unpleasant and difficult for both genders.

However, there are alternatives. When you meet with us, we’ll take a blood sample and analyze it to determine what your hormonal baseline should be, what you’re lacking, and the best way to move forwards. Then, we’ll design a personalized health regimen that’s all about increased energy, mood, and looking and feeling young (and possibly look younger) again.

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