It’s been said that there are two inescapable truths in life for all of us. We pay taxes, and we die. Here at Yunique Medical, there’s a third, and it’s the process of aging! It happens to all of us, but aging affects men and women differently. Consider these landmarks:

  • When you’re 20, both men and women have the energy to take on the world and win. For men, your testosterone levels are at their peak, and you can expect your hormonal levels to drop as you enter your 30s. For women, estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone are at their highest levels, and your hormonal levels will decline as you enter your 30s.
  • When you’re 30, things start to change. For men, you begin noticing small and subtle changes in energy and looks. Your muscle mass will peak in your 30s, and most men will start to gain weight from ages 34 to 54. For women, your hormone production will decrease. Fertility will begin to decrease, and your metabolism will slow down.
  • When you’re 40, the aging process has its foot on the gas. For men, your hormone levels have dropped to an almost deficient state. Your libido function will decline, and problems with sleeping will occur. For women, you’ll start to enter perimenopause. Muscle tone and libido will decline, weight will be gained, and there may be mood swings.
  • When you’re 50, you can profoundly feel the effects of aging. For men, andropause has arrived. You can expect weight gain, memory loss, and energy loss, due to deficient hormones. For women, menopause has arrived. You’ll experience fatigue, reduced energy levels, insomnia, weight gain, and memory loss.

We understand, reading through all of that is likely a little bit depressing. But remember how we said that the aging process was inescapable? Aging happens due to decreased hormone production. At Yunique Medical Services help reverse aging with our personalized rejuvenation therapy can help you to regain your youthful vitality. You’ll meet with us and have a comprehensive physical exam performed. Then, we’ll devise a treatment regimen that’s customized to your specific needs.

If you’re ready to look, feel, and perform better than ever, contact us today for a consultation.